Omkar BKC Crossing Phase II : Mumbai

Pre-Launching fully furnished 1 & 2 BHK plug & play residences at BKC Crossing Limited inventory of 1 & 2 BHK residences at BKC Crossing-Phase 2 at pre-launch prices

  • Fully furnished plug & play residences with kitchen & laundromat
  • Designed by internationally renowned designer Hirsch Bedner Association (HBA), London
  • Modular homes with flexi room concept
  • Amenities like laundromat, kitchen, gymnasium & swimming pool
  • BKC, Mumbai's largest business hub which accommodates over 1.5 lakh jobs
  • One of the fastest growing micro market in the city with an expected growth of 100-150% in coming year (JLL Report)

Inroducing modular flexi-room concept

A modular flexi-room concept to convert your 1 BHK home into studio apartment. Movable partition walls offer the ideal way of separating one room into two room or more independent domestic areas: kitchen-sitting room, living room-study, living-sleeping areas. It can be molded according to the space or privacy requirement.